beautiful endings

Not everything that ends in life is ugly.

The sun is one of the most symbolic elements in our universe. It starts our day and ends it. Its the first and last thing that touches the surface of our earth every day. So how come sunsets are so beautiful even tho they mean an end?

As people, we naturally give the word end or ending a negative connotation. We think that its the end so it must be sad and ugly. But like most things in life, it is all about perspective. I think its actually the opposite, that life would be so purposeless without endings because without an end we could never appreciate a beginning. A perfect example is goodbyes. Saying goodbye to friends or family can be so sad but could you imagine if you weren’t sick at heart when saying bye. That sadness is just our loving taking another form. The harder the goodbye, the stronger the love.

I know every time I have to leave my family across seas, I cry my heart out because I know how much I will miss them. And yes in the moment I am overwhelmed with heartache, but they always remind me that our tears are so beautiful because it shows how much we love one another, that our love is so strong it goes across an entire ocean.

Beautiful goodbyes make us appreciate our time we have with stunning moments in life.

Our goodbyes might be bitter, but that just makes our hellos just that much sweeter.