No Spain, No Gain

To the best Spring Break of my life…

This March I got to go on an adventure like no other. I had the fantastic opportunity to go with my international marketing class to Spain, specifically Barcelona, and Madrid. I had never been to Spain, and I wasn't sure what to expect. I was looking forward to getting to know everyone in my class more and seeing all the beauty Spain had to offer.

Not knowing much Spanish, I packed my bag, and before I knew it, I was on a plane with a bunch of people I was going to spend 24/7 with for the next nine days.

First stop was Barcellona. We did a lot of site seeing in the city, went to a champagne factory, visited a world-famous cathedral and many more amazing things.

As you already know, I’ve been to Germany a countless amount of times ;) but soccer has always been my favorite sport to watch. Every time my family and I are all together we love watching games. I have so many memories of being little and crowding around the TV in my grandfather's yard to watch Germany or Croatia play. Nothing compares to watching a soccer game in Europe, my usual place to go to is a sports bar, but in Spain, we had the chance actually to GO to one! It was insane!! The atmosphere was through the roof (if there was one, get it? cause it's a stadium and there’s no roof, omg I’m funny). The crowd screaming and cheering sounded like thunder and because Barcelona is on the shore; seagulls were flying above us, and there was a beautiful cooling breeze from the ocean. It was an experience I will never forget.

My favorite thing we did in Spain was honestly walking around. Exploring a city on your own to me is one of the best parts of traveling because your discovering all the beauty the city has to offer on your own. Like most cities, the best places to see are not as commercialized so looking for those holes in the wall lead you to find the most fascinating parts of the city.

The next city we went to was Madrid, which was my favorite. The architure was more fascinating and I liked the city’s layout more, it was easier to navigate. Madrid seemed more lively than Barcelona to.

Also… the food… wowzers, so good. We had some fantastic food while abroad, and the coffee, as usual, was incredible. I don’t think I have ever drunk that much sangria in my life, it was world class. I loved having my afternoon coffee and cake back in my life cause that feeds my soul.

I am so appreciative of the opportunity that I got to go on this trip. It was a life-changing experience. The friends and bonds that I made while I was in Spain will last a lifetime. I will never forget the memories made for the rest of my life. And honestly, the trip wouldn't have been the same without the people that I was with. I really took the time in Spain to reflect on my life. I know that sounds super dramatic, but it's true. Every time I go to Europe, it gives me a chance to literally escape my life in the States and take some time for myself to breath.

But now I am back in the States in full post Europe depression. I keep thinking back to the trip and reminiscing on all the memories. Everyone who went on the trip are still friends and its fun when we see each other out and about, consently comparing bars in Fort Worth to Spain. I'm thankful for all the new friendship. I did everything you could imagine in Spain. I lived every day to the fullest. I ate amazing food, drank the best sangria, partied at some of the best places in all of Europe. I danced, sang, laughed, and loved. Until next time Spain <3