For years I have had a thing for trees. I don’t have mass expertise knowledge on plants or anything, but I always found them to be so beautiful. Anytime I travel to new places, I always pay attention to the types of trees that are there. Some great, small, thick and thin, all different shapes and size. Types of trees remind me of specific places and memories. It’s like when I’m standing under a tree that reminds me of home, I feel like I’m actually there. Reminding me of happy times and places.

I have so many beautiful memories of being outside in nature with my horses. I remember all the trail rides I went on with them, and if I close my eyes and imagine myself on Crimson's back, sitting in the saddle, I can feel and hear all the elements. The way the light trickles through the cracks in between the leaves, the rustling of wind flowing through the branches. The constant hum of birds and bees flying around. The quiet whispers exchanged between the leaves all brings me peace of mind.

Ever since I was a little girl I loved the outdoors, I was filled with curiosity of what fascinating discoveries are waiting for me to find them. I loved to just lay in the grass for hours looking at the clouds in the sky, making impossible shapes into very believable characters. All I wanted was to be outside climbing trees and building forts out of fallen branches. I would wander for hours through the woods looking for that perfect climbing tree that had all the right branches in the right places for me to use as a latter. I remember the first tree that I climbed all the way to the top. It was this old southern oak tree down by the lake. I immediately fell in love with the view from up so high but also the thrill of conquering my fear of heights. 

I always got this haunting feeling when I walked around in the woods. "If only trees could talk," I would wonder, then we could know what happened around us for 100s of years. The sole idea of how a tree could be standing for generations and a whole city be built around it but it still standing, learning, listening to everything and everyone. It’s kinda freaky to think, “they know.”