My name is Fiona Steinmetz, and I am a student at Texas Christain University. I am majoring in marketing with a double minor in German and Graphic Design. I am passionate about designing and being creative, but I also enjoy working with people and problem solving hence the marketing degree. I wanted to start this blog to express myself and to share my stories and the ones of people I meet in life. I also want to share my travel experiences and the sticky situations life throws at me.

My number one goal in life is to live a passion-filled life, full of laughter and joy. Nothing brings me more happiness than having a positive impact on others and spreading love to all I meet.

From my home coast, The Sunshine State of Florida, to the tumbleweed blowing in the Texan wind, all the way up to The Boston Harbor and over the Atlantic Sea to Germany, I am a girl of many worlds stretching all over the globe. Here you will find my story and the people and places that have made me who I am today. Follow to keep up to date on what I am doing and where I am going! Enjoy! And don't forget to smile because it is a beautiful life!